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14K Gold Sterling Silver Israeli Diamonds

made in Israel
Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Kiddush Cups

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before the sale ends Kippah...


Made in Israel Kippot for $.99 

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 Home, Business, Physician, Woman of Valor, and Anniversary Blessing

Jerusalem scene
hand made Israel

Made in Israel
Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Shabbos Candlesticks


Madera Menorah

You can safely and easily keep your food hot on Friday evening.  There is enough room to feed your family or an army of guests.   Reheat Fully cooked foods on Shabbos.  Foods that do not contain liquids may be reheated to temperature that is not halachacally possible on a standard sheet metal blech since "Yad Soledet"


Sterling Silver

Kosher Kitchen

Table Cloths

Large, Medium, Small Shofars
Yemenite Shofars
Made in Israel


K'deirah Blechs
covers 4 burners

prefect for
Shabbat and
Yom Tov



Kosher Kitchen


Miami Choir - Ve'hoyoh 6:38 - 2 Tiskabel 4:47 - 3 One By One 6:08 - 4 Chasdei Hashem 6:53 - 5 Zoakti 6:41 - 6 Kol Mi 4:31  - 7 Sunshine 6:45 - 8 Elokai 5:06 - 9 Birchat Habayit 6:30 - 10 
                      Siman Tov 4:04

Honey Dishes

Jewish Fabrics

Kosher Tefillin

Jewish Music

   Jewish Fabric Proceed of this Sale go to
Jewish Children
Adoption Network
Custom made for you
at a price you can afford
Miami Boys Choir
Shlomo Carlebach

Paul Zim
  Avraham Fried
Debbie Friedman

Dear Children! By reading "The little Midrash Says" you find out how wonderful it is to learn Torah. "The Little Midrash Says" is far less interesting and much less beautiful than the Hebrew pesukim (sentences) of the Torah.  Just wait till you are able to understand the Torah all by yourself.  How enjoyable that will be! And, naturally, you will want to learn Rashi's explanation on the Chumash, because without Rashi, no one understands properly what is going on. read more....

Jewish Software

Kosher Lamp

Jewish Books

Little Midrash Says

Jewish Software

Now you can read in bed on Shabbos! Direct the light -- Dim the light -- even “Turn it off” approved by major Poskim [read more]

Feautred, discount books - Kosher Cookbooks - Jewish History - Holocaust - Wholesale Books and much more...

Uncle Moishy
ALL Hebrew
Children's Books
Dr Seuss Books

Beit HaMikdash
The Holy Temple
100s of
Titles to choose from...

Ein Yaakov

Bugs Bunny & Friends
Where the Side Walk Ends



Bangle Bracelets
Hand Made in Israel

Israeli Diamonds

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Jewish Jewelry Bracelets

Blue Topaz

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